Another three…

25 08 2009

Following my purchases at the Stitches and Craft Fair on the weekend, it was only fair that I spent some time trying them out!!! So the other evening, I cut some more fabric for some more Christmas ornaments.

They’re not quite finished, but here’s the three I worked on.





I want to make one of these!

28 07 2009

I have discovered a new ‘obsession.’ In the few posts I have on this blog, you will see that I have dabbled in just about every craft. I can’t find one that I can stick to – I love trying everything!

I can’t remember where I first saw anything about these, or why they popped into my head today, but I would love to try making a Temari. It’s a Japanese craft, and basically involves winding thread around a ball shape (either styrofoam or a handmade ball), then stitching a geometric pattern on to it. It appeals to my love of colour and my love of all things geometric and symmetrical.

Julie and Co. have a shop on Etsy that sells Temari, to give you an idea of what they are like.

Temari Kai seems to be the biggest resource of information on the net (in English anyway!). There’s lots of tips and tutorials, andplenty of patterns and galleries to ogle at!

See, how good do these look?

See, how good do these look?

Look at the detail... impressive.

Look at the detail... impressive.

Quilted Patchwork Christmas Ornaments

27 07 2009

I’m getting in a little early for Christmas, I know. I suppose I could put these down to “Christmas in July”, which technically was yesterday. But in fact, I’m just getting in early for the end of the year. Because I like to make these sort of hand made gifts, I have to start early to ensure they all get done without a mad dash at the finish! (In the approach to Christmas I know that work also gets crazy too).

Remember all that fabric I cut out a little while ago?



Well, over the last week or so, I’ve been turning it into Quilted Patchword Christmas Ornaments. So far I have three that are 100% completed, and another few that are in various stages of construction. I also have more fabric I’ve cut into squares ready to go! By the end of the year I will need aproximately 30-40 of these babies! Last year I knitted littled stockings as Christmas ornaments from this pattern and they were very popular with my friends! As a family, we don’t actually give Christmas gifts, we decided there was too much consumerism and hype involved, so I really like making something small, handmade and pretty for friends and family.

Anyway, here’s a peak at the ornaments I have finished so far. Which colour combo’s do you like best?




Cutting fabric… and lots of it!

25 07 2009

I’ve been busy making Quilted Christmas Ornaments. The most boring part is cutting the squares of fabric, especially since I don’t have a rotary cutter or mat!





This is just some of the fabric that I have to cut to use on this project! Just looking at all these pictures makes me think it’s worth the investment in a rotary cutter!

Which colour combinations do you like?