Woodland Scarf Progress

8 12 2009

I am three successful repeats into my Woodland Scarf! (If you count all of the aborted attempts though I have done much more knitting!)

I’m not fussed about the colour, which is navy (it doesn’t really look accurate in the pictures), since I don’t wear that colour much, but I had the wool and just wanted to try it out. We’ll see how it looks when it’s finished but I might gift it.

I’m also curious to see how big it gets when it’s blocked. It’s looking pretty narrow at the moment.


A start…

29 11 2009

My last post was full of excitement as I decided to start to learn to knit lace. I joined the Woodland Shawl KAL on Ravelry (my first KAL) and had visions of magically whipping up this wonderful shawl in no time at all, as others in the group seem to be able to do.

It has not been like that at all. I must have had about 10 abortive attempts to start this project, and each time I have not made it to even halfway through a repeat of the pattern before I have stuffed up a row somewhere and had to pull the whole thing out.  A couple of times I have changed and cast on a scarf instead of a shawl, thinking I might have been more successful with less stitches, but still I have mucked it up.

Anyway tonight I thought I’d try again. I hadn’t tackled it in a week or two, as I was getting incredibly frustrated with the whole thing. I cast on for a scarf width, and to my great surprise, I managed to make it through a whole 16 rows (one pattern repeat) without fluffing it! Lifelines went in every two rows, but I didn’t even need them!

Now to find some time to keep adding to it! Knitting a scarf takes me forever when it’s just knit and purl stitches, so with lace thrown into the mix, it could be Christmas next year before it’s done (and no, I’m not exagerrating)!

I caved…

26 10 2009

I caved and started a new project. It’s not like I needed a new project, but somehow it seems shinier and betterer than any old project lying around in various stages of completion.

I started the Woodland Shawl, a free project from Ravelry. It’s my first attempt at lace, my first project that’s done with circular needles, my first project with something smaller than 8 ply, my first project with a chart and my first project done through a KAL on Ravelry (through the Beginning Lace Knitters group).

So far, I’ve managed to cast on, knit the edge row and the set up row. Now to the pattern… I’m crossing my fingers! Best thing about the KAL is I can ask a million questions (cos I sure have a million, and no real like knitting friend to help!)

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!