FO: Zig Zag Quilt Top!

27 03 2010

The unthinkable has happened.

I have finished something.

Something big!

I have been working on my zig-zag quilt top solidly now, most weekends, for the last 2 or 3 months. And I have finally finished the quilt top!

It’s huge! I don’t know why I do silly things like pick such a BIG quilt for my first ever attempt at both patchwork AND quilting! A nice lap size quilt would have been just fine….. but, no. I have to pick the biggest one ouot there!

As I have been working on this I started out loving the fabrics and the combinations…. then I fell out of love with them. They’re growing on me again but I’m still not sure how I feel about them. I’m hoping by the time it’s all done I’ll be passionate once more!

I went over the my parents place today since I literally do not have floor space big enough to lay it all out on to baste, nor do I have anywhere I could lay it to take a picture of the finished top. Even so, I couldn’t wind the clothesline up high enough to get a good snapshot of the bottom row of the quilt! You’ll just have to imagine it!

Oh, sorry, you wanted to see the finished top? Here ’tis…


Getting carried away

11 10 2009


I always do it. I bite off more than I can chew. I have eyes bigger than my belly. It’s why I call myself “Halfway Crafter”. I pick projects that are so big that I lose interest partway through and never see them out.


So when I picked the nice easy little project of making knitting stitch markers for the afternoon, I thought for sure I had made a smart choice… something that could be accomplished quickly and easily.


Well, I was partly right. I have finished the project, but in typical me-style, I couldn’t just make one set for me to use. No, I had to use all of the tigertail and crimps I bought and just kept making them until I ran out of equipment! I now have several sets of stitch markers, all beautiful and much, much nicer than the knotted bit of yarn I was using up until now! So there went my entire afternoon… but at least I have several finished sets and not just another “halfway” project!


These two sets below are my favourites. I bought the cloisenne beads especially. One set will be for a friends birthday in January. If I forget, remind me I made them, ok?!




More Quilted Patchwork Christmas Ornaments

31 07 2009

A few days ago I posted these Christmas ornaments that I had finished. Since then, I have managed to finish off a couple more ornaments and thought I would post some pics here. Again, there are others in various states of completion!  This will be no doubt an ongoing project over the course of the year! I hope all their recipients appreciate the time and energy that have been going in to them!

Anyway, here’s the others that I finished.



Quilted Patchwork Christmas Ornaments

27 07 2009

I’m getting in a little early for Christmas, I know. I suppose I could put these down to “Christmas in July”, which technically was yesterday. But in fact, I’m just getting in early for the end of the year. Because I like to make these sort of hand made gifts, I have to start early to ensure they all get done without a mad dash at the finish! (In the approach to Christmas I know that work also gets crazy too).

Remember all that fabric I cut out a little while ago?



Well, over the last week or so, I’ve been turning it into Quilted Patchword Christmas Ornaments. So far I have three that are 100% completed, and another few that are in various stages of construction. I also have more fabric I’ve cut into squares ready to go! By the end of the year I will need aproximately 30-40 of these babies! Last year I knitted littled stockings as Christmas ornaments from this pattern and they were very popular with my friends! As a family, we don’t actually give Christmas gifts, we decided there was too much consumerism and hype involved, so I really like making something small, handmade and pretty for friends and family.

Anyway, here’s a peak at the ornaments I have finished so far. Which colour combo’s do you like best?




My first wedding cake

22 07 2009

One of the many crafts I’ve been interested in has been cake decorating. At least with cake decorating I don’t leave a project half finished! After having done a year’s worth of community college courses, I was asked by one of my good friends to do their wedding cake.

It was an honour. But it was also terrifying! My ideas are always ‘big’ too! Bigger than my skillset, bigger than the time I have available, and bigger than my budget!

Her theme was purple and green, and she wanted a cupcake tower. She also liked the ‘vertical sausage rolls’ on the top cake. Other than that, I was pretty much able to do what I wanted!

7 full days of long evenings after work were spent making the cakes and decorating them, and that doesn’t include the 3 months of weekends spent making flowers and colouring them!

I was so happy with the finished product! I did have a rather nervous time at the wedding though, hoping that no one would knock over my rather precarious stand (baked bean tins covered in calico with cake board balanced on top), and that the 40 degree celsius heat wouldn’t melt the chocolate ganache under the fondant too much (it did, but only a little)!

Anyone for a cupcake?

Anyone for a cupcake?


The top cake (those flowers took forever!)

The top cake (those flowers took forever!)

Voila! The finished thing!

Voila! The finished thing!

Central Park Hoodie

21 07 2009

A while ago, I joined Ravelry (I’m on there as “Halfway Crafter”.  Wow… it has taken my knitting to a whole other level. Pre-Ravelry, I was knitting scarves, and squares for a blanket. I really didn’t have the skills or confidence to do much more.

I started looking at all the great patterns, groups, forums etc and started to think about what kind of ‘big’ project I could tackle.  I really wanted to knit myself a cardy, one that I would actually wear, that wouldn’t look completely grandma-ish, and that fitted! A tall order for someone with my prior skill level.

The ingredients...

The Central Park Hoodie knit-along became my bible… I read the advice on everything from cables to sleeve sizing to stitching it together. So many people had asked questions I really didn’t need to ask any myself!

A beginning...

A beginning...

I knitted the bulk of the hoodie over the summer holidays (stupid to knit with such thick heavy wool in summer, I know). My plan was to get beyond the halfway point so it was easier to finish the project than it was to put it aside and leave it! As the holidays finished and I went back to work it languished a little, but I did have a determination to finish it! As you can probably tell by my ‘name’ on here, I have a habit of leaving ufo’s tucked away in the back of cupboards never to be heard of again!

A little more...

A little more...

The most painful (and difficult) part was stitching it together neatly. The mattress seaming was easy, and very neat, but setting the sleeves took some fiddling around.

Blocking the body...

Blocking the body...

The great news is that it is all done, and I am proudly wearing it around! The wool is beautiful and warm, it fits well and I love the style! It’s so exciting to have a finished object I just might have to finish a few more things around here!

From the front...

From the front...

And the back!

And the back!

Hannah’s Baby Blanket

20 07 2009
Hannah's baby blanket

Hannah's baby blanket

The best thing about craft projects as gifts is that I have to finish them!  When one of my closest friends announced she was having a baby, I knew that I would try and make her something beautiful as her baby shower gift.

The blanket is polar fleece on the ‘upside’, with wool embroidery flowers at each corner. It has some thin batting, then a beautiful flower cotton print underside, and it is bound with satin ribbon.

The whole thing was finished about an hour or so before the shower, leaving me enough time to get dressed and ready to go!  My friend loved it, and I can’t wait to meet Hannah!

Hannah's blanket 2 Hannah's Blanket 4