(Another) new project!

5 01 2010

Like I needed another one! The number of STARTED projects around here is mind boggling, and the number of FINISHED projects is paltry.

But since I got a new toy for my birthday, I figured it was only fair to start something with it! The plan is to make a quilt for my bed. No, no… making a small quilt of a managable size to try out my machine and learn how to patchwork and quilt is a silly idea, much better to start on an enormous queen size quilt straight away!

I started cutting out some of the fabric for it today. I’ll be making a zig-zag quilt. Every second zig-zag will be a beigey kind of fabric. The other in between zig-zags will be colours, although I still need to pick some of them. I have three reddy/pinks… I’m not sure whether to add in another colour or leave it at that. My bedroom where it will be living at this stage is only shades of beige and caramel so I’m not sure how much colour to add.

Any suggestions on any other colours that might match?