Christmas Decorations

1 01 2010

I suppose in the end, being Jan 1, I should be taking down the Christmas decorations. But since I have been too busy to blog about them before, it has had to wait until now! Well, in the end I made 30 patchwork quilted Christmas decorations. I’m pretty sure I made about 10 in the week before I gave them out… that was pretty stressful and whilst I am usually finishing things off just before I give them out, I am not usually that bad!

They were a hit with just about everyone, and I got lots of questions on how I made them. Most people were surprised to see that there was no sewing involved at all, and I ended up emailing the link to the instructions I used to several people as well!

I really like making handmade gifts… as a family we don’t buy presents so it would feel a bit weird to buy things for work people but not for family… handmade ticks the box in terms of giving something, but I feel like it’s giving of yourself, as opposed to giving just a THING that was bought.


You want decorations?

6 12 2009

OK, so the tree is a bit plain.

So I added some lights:

And all the patchwork ornaments I have been making. Even if I plan to give them away for Christmas I figure I may as well hang them on my (rather plain) tree until then!

There’s quite a few more of these patchwork Christmas ornaments in various stages of completion too. Hopefully they’ll spend some time on the tree for me to admire before I give them away this year. Still got quite a few to make though!

Last years Christmas gifts were these mini Christmas stockings I knitted from a pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits. I made and gave away about 30 of them but I did keep one for myself.

And then I added all the other decorations I have collected:

You likey?

Oh Christmas Tree!

5 12 2009

Yup, put it up this morning. Here’s how that went…

I cleared a space for it:

And then it grew:

Secret project revealed…

22 09 2009

Well, Lily Boot guessed correctly! The secret project is Christmas decorations for my family! But since I haven’t even told my family or friends that I have this blog (I guess the blog is a secret too) I can show you guys what I came up with!

This is the first time I have actually come up with my own pattern for something… I suppose I have always been a little un-inventive, and whilst I’m good at following the patterns of others’ I never really thought about coming up with my own ideas!

Anyway, the idea was to come up with a peacock ornament, but once I picked out my blues and greens, I figured why not have a peacocks in pinks and oranges and reds. I think it looks just as nice, even if it’s not the traditional colours! They’re made of felt, buttons, beads and embroidery threads, and filled with polyfill to give them some shape.

Hopefully my family will like them. Since there are no small children in the family we have the rule of no presents at all, so I like to make something small to give each person on Christmas morning.

Anyway, here they are! (Sorry about the bad photography, but I am only free to take photos at night at the moment when the light is bad).





More Quilted Patchwork Christmas Ornaments

31 07 2009

A few days ago I posted these Christmas ornaments that I had finished. Since then, I have managed to finish off a couple more ornaments and thought I would post some pics here. Again, there are others in various states of completion!  This will be no doubt an ongoing project over the course of the year! I hope all their recipients appreciate the time and energy that have been going in to them!

Anyway, here’s the others that I finished.



Quilted Patchwork Christmas Ornaments

27 07 2009

I’m getting in a little early for Christmas, I know. I suppose I could put these down to “Christmas in July”, which technically was yesterday. But in fact, I’m just getting in early for the end of the year. Because I like to make these sort of hand made gifts, I have to start early to ensure they all get done without a mad dash at the finish! (In the approach to Christmas I know that work also gets crazy too).

Remember all that fabric I cut out a little while ago?



Well, over the last week or so, I’ve been turning it into Quilted Patchword Christmas Ornaments. So far I have three that are 100% completed, and another few that are in various stages of construction. I also have more fabric I’ve cut into squares ready to go! By the end of the year I will need aproximately 30-40 of these babies! Last year I knitted littled stockings as Christmas ornaments from this pattern and they were very popular with my friends! As a family, we don’t actually give Christmas gifts, we decided there was too much consumerism and hype involved, so I really like making something small, handmade and pretty for friends and family.

Anyway, here’s a peak at the ornaments I have finished so far. Which colour combo’s do you like best?