Making progress

13 02 2010

Another project I’ve been working on is a knitted blanket for Wrap with Love. It’s slow progress… every now and then I’ll finish another square. But now I feel like it’s getting there, and hopefully by the end of winter I’ll have this ready to send off.

The finished blanket will be 4 squares wide by 7 squares long, so 6 more to go!


Woodland Scarf Progress

8 12 2009

I am three successful repeats into my Woodland Scarf! (If you count all of the aborted attempts though I have done much more knitting!)

I’m not fussed about the colour, which is navy (it doesn’t really look accurate in the pictures), since I don’t wear that colour much, but I had the wool and just wanted to try it out. We’ll see how it looks when it’s finished but I might gift it.

I’m also curious to see how big it gets when it’s blocked. It’s looking pretty narrow at the moment.

A start…

29 11 2009

My last post was full of excitement as I decided to start to learn to knit lace. I joined the Woodland Shawl KAL on Ravelry (my first KAL) and had visions of magically whipping up this wonderful shawl in no time at all, as others in the group seem to be able to do.

It has not been like that at all. I must have had about 10 abortive attempts to start this project, and each time I have not made it to even halfway through a repeat of the pattern before I have stuffed up a row somewhere and had to pull the whole thing out.  A couple of times I have changed and cast on a scarf instead of a shawl, thinking I might have been more successful with less stitches, but still I have mucked it up.

Anyway tonight I thought I’d try again. I hadn’t tackled it in a week or two, as I was getting incredibly frustrated with the whole thing. I cast on for a scarf width, and to my great surprise, I managed to make it through a whole 16 rows (one pattern repeat) without fluffing it! Lifelines went in every two rows, but I didn’t even need them!

Now to find some time to keep adding to it! Knitting a scarf takes me forever when it’s just knit and purl stitches, so with lace thrown into the mix, it could be Christmas next year before it’s done (and no, I’m not exagerrating)!

I caved…

26 10 2009

I caved and started a new project. It’s not like I needed a new project, but somehow it seems shinier and betterer than any old project lying around in various stages of completion.

I started the Woodland Shawl, a free project from Ravelry. It’s my first attempt at lace, my first project that’s done with circular needles, my first project with something smaller than 8 ply, my first project with a chart and my first project done through a KAL on Ravelry (through the Beginning Lace Knitters group).

So far, I’ve managed to cast on, knit the edge row and the set up row. Now to the pattern… I’m crossing my fingers! Best thing about the KAL is I can ask a million questions (cos I sure have a million, and no real like knitting friend to help!)

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Alpine is finished! Woot!

25 10 2009

I have mixed feelings about this project, and I’m not sure where to start.

Firstly though, I guess, I am so excited to have actually finished this project. It really has been a pretty quick knit, even for me. A couple of afternoons got the bulk of it finished, I just then left it sitting on the coffee table for a while before I picked it up again to knit.

I think one of the reasons it sat there for a while was because I don’t think the fit is terribly good. Whilst the sleeves fit, they are pretty snug, especially under the arms. The body also seems a little too wide.

Having said that I thought it would not fit as well as it does. Adding the neck edging has really brought things in tighter and neater than I thought it would. No doubt I will wear it a couple of times because I feel I should!

I am really excited to have completed the neck binding as it was written in the pattern too! It’s my first time doing a yarn over, and having to do them in a bind off row made it a bit tricky. My best knitting tutor, youtube, was pretty unhelpful here too, so it took me 15 minutes or so to work out what I had to do. Once I had it figured though, it was pretty easy and I wondered what the fuss was about!

The other thing I’m not sure about is the weight of the thing. It’s knit in 12 ply, and for a cropped, short sleeved cardigan, it’s pretty heavy!

I feel at this point I should do something fancy here like a little report on the pattern etc like other knitting bloggers do, but frankly I would have no idea what I am talking about. So instead, here’s a couple of pictures of the finished thing.

BTW, before someone else suggests it, I know that any decent knitter after finishing knitting a garment that doesn’t fit properly, would frog and reknit in a better size. But hey, I finished it! I’m not about to undo it all and start again!

Sorry about the dodgy photos too, but even though I had to take them of myself, inside at night, I wanted to get this posted so I could prove I finished something!




Getting carried away

11 10 2009


I always do it. I bite off more than I can chew. I have eyes bigger than my belly. It’s why I call myself “Halfway Crafter”. I pick projects that are so big that I lose interest partway through and never see them out.


So when I picked the nice easy little project of making knitting stitch markers for the afternoon, I thought for sure I had made a smart choice… something that could be accomplished quickly and easily.


Well, I was partly right. I have finished the project, but in typical me-style, I couldn’t just make one set for me to use. No, I had to use all of the tigertail and crimps I bought and just kept making them until I ran out of equipment! I now have several sets of stitch markers, all beautiful and much, much nicer than the knotted bit of yarn I was using up until now! So there went my entire afternoon… but at least I have several finished sets and not just another “halfway” project!


These two sets below are my favourites. I bought the cloisenne beads especially. One set will be for a friends birthday in January. If I forget, remind me I made them, ok?!




Alpine is getting there

9 09 2009

Well I have basically finished knitting Alpine. I have done the back, two fronts and sleeves. It’s now lying in my spare room, having just been blocked. I needed to stretch it a fair bit when I was blocking it to size. Somehow, the dimensions when I was blocking it seemed a little big. Maybe my knitting was a little tight, or maybe I am just not used to blocking things. I still have heaps to learn about knitting, that’s for sure…


Once it’s blocked properly, I’ll sew it all together, then I need to pick up stitches to knit a band around the neck.

I’m not really sure what this will look like on. The picture in the pattern is pretty (otherwise wht would I knit it?), but the size doesn’t seem quite right and I’m pretty sure the wool will be too thick for what I want it for. I used the same wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills that I used for my Central Park hoodie, 12ply rustic. Problem is that my Central Park hoodie is really warm and thick, and really this is meant to be a short sleeved cropped cardy for warmer weather.

Still, I’m *that* close to the end, and I am famous for not finishing projects I start, so however it shapes up, I’d like to finish it, even if it’s just so I can say I did! And, with any luck, it will be at least wearable!