23 02 2010

I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t get sidetracked whilst I worked on my zig-zag quilt. I really tried. I wanted to buy fabric for a bag. I wanted to buy wool for a cardigan. I tried to talk myself into starting 100 other projects.

And I was so good up until now. Zig-zag quilt only, working on it every weekend.

Until I found the blog Tea Rose Home. I blame Sachiko. After finding her blog the other day and spending a lovely afternoon reading through all her past posts, I found a tutorial for adding ruffles to a plain shirt. Somehow, I convinced myself that completing this project wouldn’t really count as not staying focused on my quilt. In the same way as I really didn’t have that mars bar cheesecake this afternoon.

The tutorial is really easy and effective… once I had worked out how to adjust the tension on my new sewing machine for sewing with stretchy fabric it was quite simple. I started at about 5:30pm, and including a short stop of a microwave dinner (I was on a roll and wanted to keep going!) I finished just before bed. I even wore the top to work today, and I was so thrilled when I got a compliment on my top! My friend couldn’t believe I had made it last night!

Anyway, I know what you’re really here for is photos, not my ramblings, so here’s some pictures of my progress up until the finished product. Forgive the crappy pictures, but I was so eager to keep going I didn’t really worry about the bad light and the fact that I couldn’t quite keep my hand still as I took the pictures!

Hmmm.... a plain boring navy tank top. I can do better than that!

Just take another plain old boring tank and chop it up

Stitch a few ruffles in place

Ta-da! It's a really bad photo, but the tank top is definately more interesting!




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24 02 2010

That is super cute! I love that idea.

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