The last of the half square triangles

7 02 2010

It’s been quiet on this here blog. Work, unfortunately, has gotten in the way of the crafting time I enjoyed over my holidays. I am trying, this year, to achieve that elusive work / life balance though, and the last couple of weekends I have been able to do a little more on my quilt. Not enough that I have really spectacular photos of my progress, but at least enough that I have something to report!

Over half of the top had been pieced by the end of the holidays, and now I have made the rest of the half square triangles and pressed and starched them.

I feel like I spent forever at the iron today, pressing and starching my squares. Good job it has a nice view of the tv where I watched some Sopranos from Season 1!

The next thing I have to do is the most boring part. I need to square up all my squares before joining them into strips. It takes me forever (I’m pretty sure there is some nifty tool or template out there for this that I don’t have) to do, so good job it’s transportable to in front of the tv too!




One response

7 02 2010

hi, your blog is lovely. all the best and I look forward to ssee the finished product

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