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18 01 2010

I have made pretty good headway with my quilt top so far. I know some people seem to be able to piece them in a couple of days, but I think being my first one I am pretty slow. It doesn’t help that I sometimes get distracted by the tv the happens to be on in the background too! At this stage I have basically done half of the quilt top. It’s going to be slower going from here thought because I will have a visitor for the next week and then I’m back at work (boo….. hiss…..). But I think I have reached the “tipping point” (the point at which I have enough momentum to actually complete it!)

I did stop tonight though and spent a couple of hours doing some hand sewing. I was looking for a new hobby to take up this year to meet a few more people and I have decided to try ballet again. I did it for years as a kid and I always loved it. Just becuase I’m much less flexible now doesn’t mean I can’t still give it a go! Anyway I found some adult classes nearby and went and bought myself some new leather ballet shoes today. For the unintiated, they come with elastics but you need to sew them on where you want them, so as much as I hate hand sewing, I got out the needle and thread.

Anyway, excuse the pudgy legs (the camera angle was crap and hopefully ballet will slim them down anyway!) and bad light, but here’s my new kicks and the elastic I stitched on.

Anyone else ever gone back to hobbies they had as kids? I’m hoping it’s not just my lovely childhood rose-coloured memories, but that ballet will be fun again!




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30 01 2010

How wonderful to do ballet again! Such pretty slippers! What fun you will have!

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