Progress is being made

11 01 2010

Something I hadn’t considered. When making a ginormous (queen size) quilt, there is an awful lot of fabric to cut. So much that it’s quite possible to get completely sick of cutting out and wonder what you got yourself in for.

A question for the more experienced quilters? Do you find that you get spots on your cutting mat that are “too used?” And how often do you change your rotary blade?

The exciting part, of course, was the idea of starting to sew. This was the first time I cracked out the new machine that I got for my birthday, a Janome MyExcel. The 1/4″ foot that I bought this morning was well worth the $30 too.

Here’s some squares that have been stitched and need to be slicedto make two half square triangles.

And some that are ready to place.

But of course the most exciting part is to lay out the half square triangles into their pattern.

Here’s a zig:

And now two zigs and a zag:

It’s exciting to see it grow!




2 responses

12 01 2010

It’s coming along nicely. That is alot of fabric to cut. It probably felt like you would never get it all cut.

The center of my cutting board is definitely worn more than the outer areas. I try to rotate my mat around a bit and cut in different areas.

I honestly do not know how often I change my blades. I don’t pay much attention to how long they last. I change them when it feels like a struggle to get through the fabric. An old cutting mat will dull a new blade fast. I was going through blades pretty quickly last year. I found out it was because my mat was old and needed to be replaced.

12 01 2010

Wow, what an amazing project! It certainly does look like piles of fabric need to be cut for such a big project. I wish I could help you with that but I have yet to tackle such a massive project myself. I think you are coming along splendidly!

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