We interupt this broadcast…

18 01 2010

I have made pretty good headway with my quilt top so far. I know some people seem to be able to piece them in a couple of days, but I think being my first one I am pretty slow. It doesn’t help that I sometimes get distracted by the tv the happens to be on in the background too! At this stage I have basically done half of the quilt top. It’s going to be slower going from here thought because I will have a visitor for the next week and then I’m back at work (boo….. hiss…..). But I think I have reached the “tipping point” (the point at which I have enough momentum to actually complete it!)

I did stop tonight though and spent a couple of hours doing some hand sewing. I was looking for a new hobby to take up this year to meet a few more people and I have decided to try ballet again. I did it for years as a kid and I always loved it. Just becuase I’m much less flexible now doesn’t mean I can’t still give it a go! Anyway I found some adult classes nearby and went and bought myself some new leather ballet shoes today. For the unintiated, they come with elastics but you need to sew them on where you want them, so as much as I hate hand sewing, I got out the needle and thread.

Anyway, excuse the pudgy legs (the camera angle was crap and hopefully ballet will slim them down anyway!) and bad light, but here’s my new kicks and the elastic I stitched on.

Anyone else ever gone back to hobbies they had as kids? I’m hoping it’s not just my lovely childhood rose-coloured memories, but that ballet will be fun again!


It keeps growing

14 01 2010

Well, so far I haven’t lost any steam yet on my quilt. It’s slow progress (and I admit I think I had fantasies of being able to whip it up in a few days), but I can see that things are happening and so far I haven’t had too many major dramas.

Last time I had joined quite a number of squares to make some half square triangles and had them lain out. I’ve added to it since then, sewing some rows together and making some more half square triangles.

Here’s a shot of my beautiful seams, all neatly pressed and starched to within an inch of their lives.

The first two rows have been stitched first in strips, then the two rows stitched together, so I have a finished “zig”.

The next two rows have been sewn into strips, but I need to sew these together.

And the next two rows have just had the triangles pieces together but I need to sew each row into strips and together. I just had to lay them out to see what it would all look like!

It’s so satisfying to see progress! I’m running out of time before my holidays are over though. I have a visitor coming soon and since all of this is laid out in my guest room it will all have to be packed up and put away.  Oh, to have a dedicated sewing room!

Progress is being made

11 01 2010

Something I hadn’t considered. When making a ginormous (queen size) quilt, there is an awful lot of fabric to cut. So much that it’s quite possible to get completely sick of cutting out and wonder what you got yourself in for.

A question for the more experienced quilters? Do you find that you get spots on your cutting mat that are “too used?” And how often do you change your rotary blade?

The exciting part, of course, was the idea of starting to sew. This was the first time I cracked out the new machine that I got for my birthday, a Janome MyExcel. The 1/4″ foot that I bought this morning was well worth the $30 too.

Here’s some squares that have been stitched and need to be slicedto make two half square triangles.

And some that are ready to place.

But of course the most exciting part is to lay out the half square triangles into their pattern.

Here’s a zig:

And now two zigs and a zag:

It’s exciting to see it grow!

Fabric Choices Made

9 01 2010

In a previous post, I showed you the three shades of rose / red that I had purchased for my zig-zag quilt. Here they are again:

I was trying to work out what other colour to put with these and the beiges. I ended up settling on a turquoise / blue theme for the other three. Here they are:

So here’s one of all the colours together…

And finally one with the beiges thrown in too. This is basically the order that they’ll be in for the actual quilt, although of course the design is a zig-zag one. I’m so happy with my choices!

What colours to add?

6 01 2010

As I said in my last post, I need to work out what other fabrics to add in to my zig-zag quilt.

Here’s the fabrics I have laid out in order so far. The beiges are cut, the reddy pinky fabrics still need cutting.

I still need three more coloured fabrics. There will be a zig of colour in between each zag of beige. So three more fabrics to choose… any suggestions on colours?

Here’s some close-ups from left to right…

(Another) new project!

5 01 2010

Like I needed another one! The number of STARTED projects around here is mind boggling, and the number of FINISHED projects is paltry.

But since I got a new toy for my birthday, I figured it was only fair to start something with it! The plan is to make a quilt for my bed. No, no… making a small quilt of a managable size to try out my machine and learn how to patchwork and quilt is a silly idea, much better to start on an enormous queen size quilt straight away!

I started cutting out some of the fabric for it today. I’ll be making a zig-zag quilt. Every second zig-zag will be a beigey kind of fabric. The other in between zig-zags will be colours, although I still need to pick some of them. I have three reddy/pinks… I’m not sure whether to add in another colour or leave it at that. My bedroom where it will be living at this stage is only shades of beige and caramel so I’m not sure how much colour to add.

Any suggestions on any other colours that might match?

Happy Birthday to me…!

3 01 2010

It was my birthday about a month ago. I know…. I’m a bad blogger. I even had exciting news to post after my birthday and I never quite got around to posting it!

Anyway, the exciting news is that I got a sewing machine! It’s a Janome MyExcel, and it’s wonderful. With finishing up work for the year and Christmas and New Year plans, I haven’t actually cracked it open and used it yet, but I just went and bought fabric this morning for what will be my next project. (I know, I haven’t finished the others yet!)

More news to come as I start this next project on my new machine!