You want decorations?

6 12 2009

OK, so the tree is a bit plain.

So I added some lights:

And all the patchwork ornaments I have been making. Even if I plan to give them away for Christmas I figure I may as well hang them on my (rather plain) tree until then!

There’s quite a few more of these patchwork Christmas ornaments in various stages of completion too. Hopefully they’ll spend some time on the tree for me to admire before I give them away this year. Still got quite a few to make though!

Last years Christmas gifts were these mini Christmas stockings I knitted from a pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits. I made and gave away about 30 of them but I did keep one for myself.

And then I added all the other decorations I have collected:

You likey?




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1 01 2010
Christmas Decorations « Handmade and Pretty

[…] blog about them before, it has had to wait until now! Well, in the end I made 30 patchwork quilted Christmas decorations. I’m pretty sure I made about 10 in the week before I gave them out… that was pretty […]

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