Alpine is finished! Woot!

25 10 2009

I have mixed feelings about this project, and I’m not sure where to start.

Firstly though, I guess, I am so excited to have actually finished this project. It really has been a pretty quick knit, even for me. A couple of afternoons got the bulk of it finished, I just then left it sitting on the coffee table for a while before I picked it up again to knit.

I think one of the reasons it sat there for a while was because I don’t think the fit is terribly good. Whilst the sleeves fit, they are pretty snug, especially under the arms. The body also seems a little too wide.

Having said that I thought it would not fit as well as it does. Adding the neck edging has really brought things in tighter and neater than I thought it would. No doubt I will wear it a couple of times because I feel I should!

I am really excited to have completed the neck binding as it was written in the pattern too! It’s my first time doing a yarn over, and having to do them in a bind off row made it a bit tricky. My best knitting tutor, youtube, was pretty unhelpful here too, so it took me 15 minutes or so to work out what I had to do. Once I had it figured though, it was pretty easy and I wondered what the fuss was about!

The other thing I’m not sure about is the weight of the thing. It’s knit in 12 ply, and for a cropped, short sleeved cardigan, it’s pretty heavy!

I feel at this point I should do something fancy here like a little report on the pattern etc like other knitting bloggers do, but frankly I would have no idea what I am talking about. So instead, here’s a couple of pictures of the finished thing.

BTW, before someone else suggests it, I know that any decent knitter after finishing knitting a garment that doesn’t fit properly, would frog and reknit in a better size. But hey, I finished it! I’m not about to undo it all and start again!

Sorry about the dodgy photos too, but even though I had to take them of myself, inside at night, I wanted to get this posted so I could prove I finished something!







2 responses

26 10 2009

Aww, it’s cute!

31 10 2009

Looks great!

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