A to do list and a wish list

15 10 2009

OK. Confessional time. Here’s the list of things I have started. I’m hoping that by listing everything here I will make myself go back and tackle these projects some more. This list doesn’t include the things that I have materials for but haven’t started!

  • Babette (or will I frog it and turn it into a ripple?) (10%, but the squares are wonky and have rusty pin marks)
  • Knitted beaded bracelet (50%)

Then we get to the other thing I would like to make, or have materials for:

  • I want to make a chinese coin quilt for my bed
  • I want to knit an Ishbel
  • I want to make my sister and I a bag each
  • I want to make myself a charging station
  • I want to learn how to knit in the round and make some beanies (I have quite a bit of leftover 12 ply wool)
  • I want to make beaded nets for plain christmas ornaments
  • I want to make a Japanese temari

The scary thing is that this list is not exhaustive. I’m sure there are plenty of things I have forgotten about, and plenty more things I would like to knit or make if I really wanted to make a big list.

The first thing I want to cross off is Alpine. I’ve left it sitting for a while because I don’t think the fit will be great, but I want it finished none-the-less. Then I think I would like to finish the green tumbling blocks blanket. It’s been so long sitting there! I’m not sure at what point it is safe to get a new project started. How many things should I cross off before I allow myself to start something new?




2 responses

15 10 2009
lily boot

Yeah I want to make Ishbel. And you’ve reminded me about the warmer weather cardigan I knitted towards the end of winter – all finished, all blocked and only the shoulder seams sewn! Oh dear. I am the LAST person to ask about how many cross offs should you have before you start a new one. You know what – start a new one anyway! Think of the fabulous “beginning a project energy” you’ll have. Or if you were my husband, you would finished one cross off project and then “reward” yourself with a start. This is apparently how you beat procrastination. Uh-huh 🙂

16 10 2009
Crazy Cake Lady

Haha, looks very similar to my to-do list and my wish-I-can-do list. 🙂

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