Saying thank you

1 10 2009

My last post was about the graduation cupcakes I made for my Year 12 class.


To be completely honest, I have been a little miffed the last few days as on the day of their last lesson, when I gave them each a cake, whilst they all said thank you and thought they were cute, I was hardly overwhelmed with their appreciation (not for the cakes, but for all I have done as their teacher for the last year). Each year there is usually someon in the class who organises for everyone to chip in to get the teacher a gift, or you will usually end up with some chocolates and flowers, or some handwritten cards. However, all I got this year as they left the room was a “Thanks Miss”.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about “stuff”, but I guess as I said it’s about showing appreciation. Even if they had said “Thanks Miss, for everything you have done for us… we really appreciate it” I think I would have felt better.

So the last few days I have trying hard to not be too sour grapes. And then yesterday afternoon I had a lovely surprise when I got a beautiful bunch of flowers from one of my students and avoucher to go with it. It was a very generous gift, and the card that went with the flowers was lovely. I have gone from feeling a little miffed to now feeling guilty for having been miffed!

Here’s the beautiful flowers:






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