Secret project revealed…

22 09 2009

Well, Lily Boot guessed correctly! The secret project is Christmas decorations for my family! But since I haven’t even told my family or friends that I have this blog (I guess the blog is a secret too) I can show you guys what I came up with!

This is the first time I have actually come up with my own pattern for something… I suppose I have always been a little un-inventive, and whilst I’m good at following the patterns of others’ I never really thought about coming up with my own ideas!

Anyway, the idea was to come up with a peacock ornament, but once I picked out my blues and greens, I figured why not have a peacocks in pinks and oranges and reds. I think it looks just as nice, even if it’s not the traditional colours! They’re made of felt, buttons, beads and embroidery threads, and filled with polyfill to give them some shape.

Hopefully my family will like them. Since there are no small children in the family we have the rule of no presents at all, so I like to make something small to give each person on Christmas morning.

Anyway, here they are! (Sorry about the bad photography, but I am only free to take photos at night at the moment when the light is bad).








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