Alpine is getting there

9 09 2009

Well I have basically finished knitting Alpine. I have done the back, two fronts and sleeves. It’s now lying in my spare room, having just been blocked. I needed to stretch it a fair bit when I was blocking it to size. Somehow, the dimensions when I was blocking it seemed a little big. Maybe my knitting was a little tight, or maybe I am just not used to blocking things. I still have heaps to learn about knitting, that’s for sure…


Once it’s blocked properly, I’ll sew it all together, then I need to pick up stitches to knit a band around the neck.

I’m not really sure what this will look like on. The picture in the pattern is pretty (otherwise wht would I knit it?), but the size doesn’t seem quite right and I’m pretty sure the wool will be too thick for what I want it for. I used the same wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills that I used for my Central Park hoodie, 12ply rustic. Problem is that my Central Park hoodie is really warm and thick, and really this is meant to be a short sleeved cropped cardy for warmer weather.

Still, I’m *that* close to the end, and I am famous for not finishing projects I start, so however it shapes up, I’d like to finish it, even if it’s just so I can say I did! And, with any luck, it will be at least wearable!





2 responses

10 09 2009
Blueswirly (Laura)

Keep at it! You will finish! 🙂

15 10 2009
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