Bits and Pieces

7 09 2009

Yesterday was Father’s Day. My family in Australia is very small… so I spent the day yesterday with my parents, just the three of us. We went to a local park by the river for a picnic, which we haven’t done for ages. It was lovely and relaxing just sitting in the sun, soaking up the rays. In fact, I missed a spot on my nose and my neck with the sunscreen and consequently have two red patches!

As we sat in the sun watching all the families around us playing, I worked on a knitted square for my Wrap with Love blanket.

This evening after work, I’ve been cutting squares of fabric (again!) for my quilted patchwork Christmas ornaments. Even though I cut fabric for about an hour, there’s still many hours of cutting fabric left! The silly thing was, I thought the blade of my new rotary cutter had gone blunt already, and I took it out to change it. Lo and behold, I discovered that there were actually two blades there! I had been wondering why it didn’t seem to be cutting terribly well…

Anyway, I’m off to craft a little more now so that I have some pics to post next time!




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