Alpine progress

26 08 2009

If you have ready any of my previous blog posts, you will be well aware of the fact that I do not need any more craft projects at the moment. I have many things that are part-way… including my quilted patchwork christmas ornaments, my Wrap with Love blanket, my babette blanket, my green Tumbling Blocks blanket, I could go on…

I often say to people that I only read novels when I am on holidays. That is because when I read a good book, once I start, I know that NOTHING else will get done until the book is finished.  I don’t clean, I microwave my dinner and eat it whilst reading, heck I often don’t get out of pyjamas whilst I have a good book on the go.

Well, it appears that my craft projects can be along the same lines! Despite all the other things I have to do, particularly for work, at the moment, I started another knitting project. I am knitting the Alpine Cardigan by Berocco, using a free pattern from Ravelry. And I can’t stop knitting it. Almost unheard of for me is the fact that I have completed the back and one front in just a couple of evenings!

It certainly helps that I’m using 12 ply wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills (in Earth) and it’s a cropped cardigan with short sleeves. Others who have knitted it have commented on what a quick knit it is, and I have to agree! Hopefully I can get the rest of the knitting done soon so that I can get some of the other things done that I need to!

Here’s my progress so far:

A start...

A start...

The completed back

The completed back

The back and half of the front

The back and half of the front

Close-up of the chevron detail at the front

Close-up of the chevron detail at the front




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