Stitches and Craft Fair

23 08 2009


Well, the Stitches and Craft Fair was in Sydney over the weekend, so I squeezed in a quick visit on Saturday morning to see what I could see.

Despite getting there at opening time, it was very busy! There were some booths where actually getting to the table to see what was there was either a long wait or involved squeezing in between tiny gaps! It was nice just to wander round and get some new inspiration, and to see all the products that are often harder to come by at local stores.

I was reasonably restrained… I didn’t buy anything for any new projects. I have enough things started that need to continue to be worked on and finished before I start anything new! (I didn’t give myself the name Halfway Crafter for nothing!) I did however, buy a few things that would help me work on some current projects a little more efficiently.


I got myself a cutting mat and ruler, and a rotary cutter and spare blade. I put it all to good use last night and cut some more fabric squares for my quilted patchwork Christmas ornaments. It still doesn’t make sense to me that you can cut as much as you like on those cutting mats and they don’t mark!!! The rotary cutter and ruler is SOOOO much quicker than what I was doing before (that is, marking 2 1/2” with pins and cutting with scissors).

I also bought some more tape runners for cardmaking too, but not terribly interesting to photograph!

If you’re a local, did you go? And if you’re from further afield, what’s your favourite craft show to go to?




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