I Hereby Confess…

3 08 2009

My linen cupboard isn’t really my linen cupboard. It has been taken over by three giant plastic tubs full of my wool stash. It’s a bit scary how much wool I have, actually.

I pulled it all out the other afternoon to try and somehow condense it all (as if rearranging it would automatically make it a smaller quantity!). This is what I found…

One tub full of bright 8 ply acrylics for my Wrap with Love blankets.

All the colours of the rainbow!

All the colours of the rainbow!

More 8 ply acrylics (although this brand is slightly thinner) in bright colours… (this was all bought before I discovered the delights of expensive wool!)

More rainbow colours!

More rainbow colours!

Some left over wool from a scarf I knitted… not sure what to do with this.

Hmmm... leftovers

Hmmm... leftovers

Some 4 ply baby merino wool I bought, intending to knit baby items with it. This was before I realised how thin 4 ply is and how long it takes to knit something with it!

What to do with all of this?

What to do with all of this?

And that’s definately not all of it! There’s plenty more, mostly odds and ends of old projects, some of the wool I’m not even sure where it came from!

I think I really need to use some of this up before I go buying anything else and starting too many more projects, don’t you think?




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