My most favourite wedding cake

31 08 2009

My favourite of all the cakes I have made is the one I made for my sister a couple of years ago. Since the cake was for my sister, I really wanted it to be a stunner. Her colour theme was a deep red, and she had native flowers for her bouquet.

I started with a fairly basic design….


Then made hundreds (nope, that’s not an exaggeration) of sugar paste flowers…

blue gum leaves 1kangaroo paw 4filler flowers 1proteas 4red devil 2

waratah 1all flowers 3proteas 2

I went to the reception venue the day before the wedding to put it all together.



I’m pretty sure my sister and her new husband really loved it. At least that’s what they told me! I’m pretty proud of it too, although I’m not in a hurry to make so many sugar flowers again for a cake.




Alpine progress

26 08 2009

If you have ready any of my previous blog posts, you will be well aware of the fact that I do not need any more craft projects at the moment. I have many things that are part-way… including my quilted patchwork christmas ornaments, my Wrap with Love blanket, my babette blanket, my green Tumbling Blocks blanket, I could go on…

I often say to people that I only read novels when I am on holidays. That is because when I read a good book, once I start, I know that NOTHING else will get done until the book is finished.  I don’t clean, I microwave my dinner and eat it whilst reading, heck I often don’t get out of pyjamas whilst I have a good book on the go.

Well, it appears that my craft projects can be along the same lines! Despite all the other things I have to do, particularly for work, at the moment, I started another knitting project. I am knitting the Alpine Cardigan by Berocco, using a free pattern from Ravelry. And I can’t stop knitting it. Almost unheard of for me is the fact that I have completed the back and one front in just a couple of evenings!

It certainly helps that I’m using 12 ply wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills (in Earth) and it’s a cropped cardigan with short sleeves. Others who have knitted it have commented on what a quick knit it is, and I have to agree! Hopefully I can get the rest of the knitting done soon so that I can get some of the other things done that I need to!

Here’s my progress so far:

A start...

A start...

The completed back

The completed back

The back and half of the front

The back and half of the front

Close-up of the chevron detail at the front

Close-up of the chevron detail at the front

Another three…

25 08 2009

Following my purchases at the Stitches and Craft Fair on the weekend, it was only fair that I spent some time trying them out!!! So the other evening, I cut some more fabric for some more Christmas ornaments.

They’re not quite finished, but here’s the three I worked on.




Stitches and Craft Fair

23 08 2009


Well, the Stitches and Craft Fair was in Sydney over the weekend, so I squeezed in a quick visit on Saturday morning to see what I could see.

Despite getting there at opening time, it was very busy! There were some booths where actually getting to the table to see what was there was either a long wait or involved squeezing in between tiny gaps! It was nice just to wander round and get some new inspiration, and to see all the products that are often harder to come by at local stores.

I was reasonably restrained… I didn’t buy anything for any new projects. I have enough things started that need to continue to be worked on and finished before I start anything new! (I didn’t give myself the name Halfway Crafter for nothing!) I did however, buy a few things that would help me work on some current projects a little more efficiently.


I got myself a cutting mat and ruler, and a rotary cutter and spare blade. I put it all to good use last night and cut some more fabric squares for my quilted patchwork Christmas ornaments. It still doesn’t make sense to me that you can cut as much as you like on those cutting mats and they don’t mark!!! The rotary cutter and ruler is SOOOO much quicker than what I was doing before (that is, marking 2 1/2” with pins and cutting with scissors).

I also bought some more tape runners for cardmaking too, but not terribly interesting to photograph!

If you’re a local, did you go? And if you’re from further afield, what’s your favourite craft show to go to?

Colour story – Teal

6 08 2009

I love the colours and style in my living room. So calm and peaceful, comfy yet just a little bit stylish!


Being Organised

4 08 2009

I’m a sucker for containers, organisation, labels, all of that sort of thing.

My beads were organised in the past in one of my (many) craft drawers, but they were mostly stored in cheap plastic takeaway containers. The biggest problem with the containers was that they weren’t full, and took up lots of room in my (overflowing) drawer! I had one set of stackable round containers that were a perfect size that I used for some of my beads, but I needed to get some more of these.



This morning I managed to pick up more of the round stackable containers to reorganise the rest of my beads.  My slight OCD means I don’t like the fact that they are not the same brand and therefore are not completely identical to the one I had already, but I will just have to get over that!

The best thing is that they take up so much less room now in my drawer! Any ideas for what else I should make with them?

After... see all the empty boxes I could get rid of?

After... see all the empty boxes I could get rid of?

Aaah, pretty!

Aaah, pretty!

I Hereby Confess…

3 08 2009

My linen cupboard isn’t really my linen cupboard. It has been taken over by three giant plastic tubs full of my wool stash. It’s a bit scary how much wool I have, actually.

I pulled it all out the other afternoon to try and somehow condense it all (as if rearranging it would automatically make it a smaller quantity!). This is what I found…

One tub full of bright 8 ply acrylics for my Wrap with Love blankets.

All the colours of the rainbow!

All the colours of the rainbow!

More 8 ply acrylics (although this brand is slightly thinner) in bright colours… (this was all bought before I discovered the delights of expensive wool!)

More rainbow colours!

More rainbow colours!

Some left over wool from a scarf I knitted… not sure what to do with this.

Hmmm... leftovers

Hmmm... leftovers

Some 4 ply baby merino wool I bought, intending to knit baby items with it. This was before I realised how thin 4 ply is and how long it takes to knit something with it!

What to do with all of this?

What to do with all of this?

And that’s definately not all of it! There’s plenty more, mostly odds and ends of old projects, some of the wool I’m not even sure where it came from!

I think I really need to use some of this up before I go buying anything else and starting too many more projects, don’t you think?