More Quilted Patchwork Christmas Ornaments

31 07 2009

A few days ago I posted these Christmas ornaments that I had finished. Since then, I have managed to finish off a couple more ornaments and thought I would post some pics here. Again, there are others in various states of completion!  This will be no doubt an ongoing project over the course of the year! I hope all their recipients appreciate the time and energy that have been going in to them!

Anyway, here’s the others that I finished.






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23 08 2009
Stitches and Craft Fair « Handmade and Pretty

[…] I put it all to good use last night and cut some more fabric squares for my quilted patchwork Christmas ornaments. It still doesn’t make sense to me that you can cut as much as you like on those cutting mats […]

26 08 2009
Alpine progress « Handmade and Pretty

[…] projects at the moment. I have many things that are part-way… including my quilted patchwork christmas ornaments, my Wrap with Love blanket, my babette blanket, my green Tumbling Blocks blanket, I could go […]

1 01 2010
Christmas Decorations « Handmade and Pretty

[…] busy to blog about them before, it has had to wait until now! Well, in the end I made 30 patchwork quilted Christmas decorations. I’m pretty sure I made about 10 in the week before I gave them […]

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