Central Park Hoodie

21 07 2009

A while ago, I joined Ravelry (I’m on there as “Halfway Crafter”.  Wow… it has taken my knitting to a whole other level. Pre-Ravelry, I was knitting scarves, and squares for a blanket. I really didn’t have the skills or confidence to do much more.

I started looking at all the great patterns, groups, forums etc and started to think about what kind of ‘big’ project I could tackle.  I really wanted to knit myself a cardy, one that I would actually wear, that wouldn’t look completely grandma-ish, and that fitted! A tall order for someone with my prior skill level.

The ingredients...

The Central Park Hoodie knit-along became my bible… I read the advice on everything from cables to sleeve sizing to stitching it together. So many people had asked questions I really didn’t need to ask any myself!

A beginning...

A beginning...

I knitted the bulk of the hoodie over the summer holidays (stupid to knit with such thick heavy wool in summer, I know). My plan was to get beyond the halfway point so it was easier to finish the project than it was to put it aside and leave it! As the holidays finished and I went back to work it languished a little, but I did have a determination to finish it! As you can probably tell by my ‘name’ on here, I have a habit of leaving ufo’s tucked away in the back of cupboards never to be heard of again!

A little more...

A little more...

The most painful (and difficult) part was stitching it together neatly. The mattress seaming was easy, and very neat, but setting the sleeves took some fiddling around.

Blocking the body...

Blocking the body...

The great news is that it is all done, and I am proudly wearing it around! The wool is beautiful and warm, it fits well and I love the style! It’s so exciting to have a finished object I just might have to finish a few more things around here!

From the front...

From the front...

And the back!

And the back!




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9 09 2009
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[…] thick for what I want it for. I used the same wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills that I used for my Central Park hoodie, 12ply rustic. Problem is that my Central Park hoodie is really warm and thick, and really this is […]

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