Beaded Rose

16 07 2009

The first post of my blog. I feel I should be writing something profound, about my dreams, intentions and aspirations for this blog, but I can’t think of what I should be saying!

So instead, I will just begin by posting about my first craft project on here, a beaded rose I made, following the instructions from Martha Stewart’s site.

Aside from needed quite a few beads and quite a bit of wire, there’s not much in the way of materials needed for this project. I used 4mm seed beads and 28 gauge wire. I would probably use 26 gauge wire if I did it again. You’ll see why in a few photos time.

The petals for the rose are rather big and whilst nothing in the project is hard, it took me maybe two and a half hours to do the beading and put the flower together.

On the way to a beaded rose!

Here she is! Looks pretty good in this shot! The instructions call for 4 more large petals but I think that would be too many. Plus I got sick of making the petals!

This is why I would use slightly thicker wire next time. When I don’t hold the base of the rose, the petals flop out quite a bit and it doesn’t look all that nice. The difficulty is in finding the right gauge of wire – it needs to be thin enough that it can pass through the beads twice with ease, and strong enough to support the weight of each petal.

Have you made a beaded flower? Give it a go… it’s easy!




One response

23 07 2009

What a neat idea! I can just imagine how pretty a group of those would look as a wedding bouquet 🙂

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